Sunday, 5 September 2010

Why am i doing this?!?! ....

This weblog is to share self-development/ spiritual thoughts and ideas. Let me start by saying that i'm not in any of life’s dark corners at the moment. Life is great, everything is moving congruently in the right direction and i feel fulfilled and upbeat almost all the time. So, why am I going to yammer on about my personal growth and self-development if I’m not a broken recovering glue sniffer/ reforming kleptomaniac/ remorseful mafia boss? Well, because:

… I’m increasing my armory! Imagine each self development tool as a weapon: accountability is a pistol that blows a hole in ‘blame’, meditation is a pillow that smoothers ‘confusion’, visualization is a knife that cuts right through ‘ambiguity’.

I’m committed to continuous improvement for two reasons: 1) ENHANCEMENT of everyday life through understanding more about myself and others. 2) PREPARATION. Whilst I’m not rotting away in one of life’s dark ebbs at the moment, I’ve been there before and I know that I’m not immune. We never know what challenges and lessons are going to be hurled our way. So, when life takes its next swing at me, I want to be there with a theoretical ‘block and hook’ –regardless of what comes my way!!

So many people scour the popular psychology bookshelves when they’ve already been kicked down; maybe a kick now and then will jolt our focus onto personal progression. But if you’ve been kicked down 25 times, without reprieve – then it’s going to be hard to leave the house, let alone to pick up that book on positive thinking! So, my theory goes: prepare your army during peacetime! Continue your journey of personal development journey as an absolute priority at all times and reap the benefits on a daily basis. And as an added bonus - gain some hefty body armour in the meantime!

Love B