Thursday, 13 October 2011

8 ways to feel happier!

We all fall into pits of helplessness now and then. When I was younger, I thought that these little blips of misery would end as soon as I reached adulthood, or became a director, or got married, or traveled the world, or earned a great wage.

Sorry, guys... these little pockets of short-term melancholy don't seem to budge! Regardless of the number of zeros on your bank balance or the number of countries you've visited.

For me, these periods of
i hate everything have got significantly shorter.... to the point i can now say with confidence 'i won't feel like this tomorrow'. And nowadays, i use these bad patches to drive a new burst of growth.

I know what you're thinking: "Woah... wait a minute... you're a lifecoach and you still feel miserable sometimes?"

Yes! Absolutely! Life can be tough, people can be impossible, goals can feel unattainable, children can be brats, we all have setbacks, little things can add up and grind you down... and then there are tax returns....! Life will always have the downers, but just like a backfiring car, a headache or bad grades - there are things that you can do to make the situation better.

1. It's okay to feel like this - EVERYONE does now and then
2. It's temporary - you'll be through this soon
3. It will all work out in the end - it ALWAYS does

1. Happy songs: select an uplifting playlist on you ipod - keep it energizing! No radiohead!
2. Look at some photos of a great holiday or a great time.
3. Go to the gym... work those endorphins - you'll feel much better
4. Watch a funny or inspiring tv show/ youtube video
5. Chocolate milk - haha... okay... this is my personal one. There's something nurturing and childlike about sipping on a cartoon of creamy chocolate milk. But i highlight a serious point here - customize! Find something that puts you in a really good mood and remember it for the down times.

I wish you a safe return to smile-ville! :-)