Wednesday, 22 June 2011

What is 'Dread'?

Dread isn't the same as 'fear'. You are not scared of a thing. Dread is an emotionally charged 'i don't want this to happen'. Dread is your inner child sulking about the fact that it's now stuck in an adult body with adult responsibilities and an adult schedule!!!

You're not actually scared of what is going to happen - you're just dreading the thought of moving out of your childlike comfort zone!

I still dread flying (i went on 32 flights last year) - i still dread difficult meetings, even though i'm pretty darn resilient. I dread opening my post - as an adult i just never grasped the benefits of receiving post and still descend to total immaturity when it comes to opening mail.

I've come to the conclusion that dread is a good thing - it shows your inner child is still alive and well.... and still wants to jump into a puddle (even though you're wearing a suit) still gets Pick N Mix sweets (before going to the gym you spend $300 a month at!), will still go on every ride at a theme park (even though your own kids are scared and won't go on) and apparently... still counts the number of flights you go on each year with the enthusiasm of a new flier.

Dread is just your inner child bitchin'