Friday, 7 January 2011

Ted Williams: Golden Voice guy...

The river of life can take some funny twists and turns.

One warm September afternoon in 2008, a took a call which began a whole new era of my life, this whole world opened up to me. It got me a new job and then another new job. It took me to far flung places, tons of new friends and enabled me to live at a quality of life I thought totally out of reach. Plus, opportunities are not great at staying within their boundaries - my personal 'win' meant that a load of other people got a good opportunity, like some strange cosmic chain-reaction.

I sometimes think of my 'right time/right place' stroke of luck. I knew of people more deserving than I. How come the opportunity floated down into my lap and not theirs? I think to myself - 'what would have happened if i hadn't answered that call?'

I've considered this time and time again. Firstly, I can't feel guilty about the fact that lady luck cast her wand at me. Instead, i take comfort in the old expression: 'when opportunity knocks, it has bloody knuckles'.

So, my philosophy is, even if i had missed that call one warm September afternoon. I would have kept doing my thang, kept interacting positivity with the world around me, kept showing up with the goods and kept being open to the possibilities. I am absolutely certain that some other exciting opportunity would have stepped forward and changed the course of my life in another way, just a different way. Now, that i've had this life changing experience, i consider myself 'lucky' and I swear that good things are attracted to this positive energy.

Ted Williams, this newly famous voice over guy is a wonderful example of opportunity in action. You can't just manifest things in the comfort of your living room. Sure - visualize it, dream about it, write it down, pray to god, feng shui your home in the most auspicious way - but, just like our buddy Ted: keep showing up in life, keep dreaming, keep believing, keep asking and formally invite opportunity into your life. With enough stubbornness, enough perseverance, enough 'tries' and lots of energy - opportunity will step forth and shake you by the hand. In interviews with JK Rowling, she describes herself as a 'trier'. She's someone who will have a go and believe in herself. I'm pretty darn convinced that 'Life favors triers'!

Wherever you're at, whatever you want to do: Keep trying :-)