Monday, 13 June 2011

Incremental changes: 10% more!

What if you gave 10% more effort in your job? What if you spent 10% more time with your children? What if your weight was 10% less? What if every holiday was 10% longer?
Ladies, how happy would you be if you have 10% more shoes?

10% often seems like a trivial amount... like small change... not something to get excited by... We've all been at a shop counter paying for something and have suddenly realized with disappointment that the 10% discount doesn't really add up to much at all! Research tells us that any work performance bonus is seen as irrelevant unless it's over 10%.

But incremental steps are often the key to massive changes. An avalanche can start with a small crack in the ice. 'Each journey starts with a single step'. - Chinese proverb

If I'm coaching someone who is at a crossroads and is depressed that they do not know what they want to do/ where they want to go next. I advise them to put 10% extra effort into *everything* they do for two weeks! 10% more: At work, at home, at the gym, with the children, at cooking, driving the car, at dressing up, even be 10% nicer to their mother-in-law!! Two weeks later... they come back to me - they feel great and they always know what it is they want!

Effort is always rewarded! Sometimes financially, sometimes by success and sometimes with clarity or a sense of wellbeing! When you're stuck in a rut and just give a little more - and you'll soon pick up the momentum to take you anywhere you want to go!!!

Give yourself 10% extra today!