Sunday, 30 January 2011

Keep talking through problems...

I've had so many people share their problems with me lately. It's been a real privilege to be the person that friends and colleagues come to when they're feeling a little blue. I'm really proud that i have helped these great people through a challenging time.

The quickest way to feel better about a problem is to talk it through. Whilst this may not instantly solve the problem - if you tune into the right person - you'll feel better as soon as you say it out loud! Also, when you start explaining a problem to someone else - sometimes the answer comes to you so obviously! It's as if you're secretly rewarded for putting your faith in humanity.

If you're struggling right now - you need to reach out and talk. People care, people wanna hear, people want to help, people will make the time for you! I look in the news at all the suicides and all those who reach out to drugs and alcohol rather than a person. I think to myself, if only they knew someone gave a shit. If only they had talked it through.

These last few weeks have been a reminder for me about the healing power of words. So, whatever your problem - please talk it through :-)