Monday, 17 January 2011

The hard road....

Success is very straight forward: have a great plan, build a great team, work hard, cry a bit and then achieve goals.

Yet, so many people know this formula but aren't a raging success. I'm also interested in the nuances that people have which prevent their success. So here is another:

Our life is a product of whether we have taken the hard road or the easy road at key decision points. You see, not only do we have these two choices (easy or hard)- but it's the wisdom to know when to take each one. I really think that it all comes down to emotion.

Everyday, i encounter people who take impossibly hard routes to get a simple result. I find that people often end up taking the hard road whenever they attach too much emotion to the task at hand. Everything suddenly becomes a matter of the soul - rather than something on the to-do list. Getting a date is so damn simple - ask 100 people out... and surely you'll get a date with one of them. But seriously! Have you ever done that? No!

But that's when a simple formula breaks down - because we add in all sort of self-esteem issues and procrastinate. They take the hard road by not acting - and ultimately not getting what they want!

Other times, i see people take the easy road, because they are impatient for a result, or can't be bothered, or don't understand why they should go out of their way to achieve something, when they could just cut a corner here or there! These people don't want to attach emotion to the task at hand. They want to be blinkered to consequences, they don't want to think too hard about their overall plan.

Knowing what is right... easy or hard!
Once again - there's no magic bullet here. But, I try and analyze myself and my actions - and the action of people around me. Be critical, be objective and follow the patterns of successful people.