Thursday, 17 February 2011

How to cure all problems with life laws....

Einstein once said:

'If the answer is simple, then god has answered.'

We often spend all our time deeply
buried in the complexities and nuances of our particular life and the lives of those around us. We regularly lose sight of the crystal clear 'laws of life' that can be summed up so easily:

Weight loss: Eat Less, Do more
Achievement: You reap what you sow
Perseverance: Try, try and try again
Finding love: No one can love you until you love yourself
Any problem: Change it - or change the way you feel about it!

Easy, huh?
So, why aren't most people slim, high achieving, persistent, in love, problem free 'living the dream.

1) People don't try
They don't realize that life is their slave and it is not the other way around. As a child, my dad used to say to me 'the likes of us don't do that'. He thought it was his job to drill into me that there were locked doors that people from low-socioeconomic classes simply could not open. Or levels of achievement that 'people like us' were simply not capable. Of course, i decided to completely ignore him and open every one of those doors to prove him wrong. But i can say with confidence, that for whatever reason, my father never ever tried! I don't think he ever knew that we can all raise our game!

2) People love a drama
Lots of people do 'try' and they should be applauded each day of their lives! (I really mean that!! If you are committed to improving your life - i send you love and blessings everyday. I hope you get them!)

However, people believe that turmoil is part of life. We are conditioned to think that people who breeze through life and get whatever they desire are 'cheating' - we have expressions for this - 'they're born with a silver spoon in their mouth', 'they're born under a lucky star' and 'they always come out smelling of roses'. People don't always want some jerk like me giving them a 5 word smartass answer to help them resolve their troubles. They want some slack to have a bit of artists' torment. They have chosen not to cultivate a more positive emotional response. Who'd have thought you can have fun losing weight? Who'd have thought finding love is a bit like a fun treasure hunt? We don't need to be all angsty about every blip. I strongly believe: luck is a competence!

3) We put our 'self' into the equation
We read the life law: 'eat less, do more' but then our mind races and we think about: past weight loss failures, our friend who is much slimmer but eats everything in sight, the time we ate 3 whole tubs of icecream when we didn't get *that* job, how the other kids laughed at us in our physical ed class at school, how mom's homemade cookies always made us feel safe, the photo when you got caught bending over (eeek!), how we're worried about loosing too much weight and becoming anorexic, etc, etc, etc. We just pile so much of 'us' onto these 4 little words of wisdom that the meaning collapses under the weight of the associated baggage.

Most of my life-coaching work focuses on the lifting the weight of some of this baggage, removing the 'tortured artist' from the equation and exhuming the uber-simple 'life law' that sits behind it and then working on the 'how?'.