Thursday, 17 February 2011

Luck is a mindset

I firmly believe that luck is something that can be learned. Luck is a competence! You can tell from someone's speech patterns if they've learned how to be lucky.

My friend, Milly has had some awful luck of late but over a cappuccino yesterday, she laughed:

'I've definitely had my quota of bad stuff for the year already. Therefore, statistically, I know that something amazing must be just around the corner. So i'm going to get my hair cut and buy some new clothes today so at least i'm well presented when i get my treat.'

Milly is a lucky person, she's a glass half full gal who hasn't indulged herself in being a victim. Instead, she knows that this bad spell can't last forever and she's looking ahead to the next installment of her life (with new hair and clothes!)

Luck happens when we do all the right things we were put on this earth for: compassion, love, friendship, laughter, passion, giving and hard work.
I love the Thomas Jefferson quote: 'The harder i work the luckier i get'

Today, open your mind to a bit of luck! And make it a habit!