Friday, 11 March 2011

How far do you want to go?

I just booked a holiday for 3 weeks time. I cannot wait!

You see, travel is my temple. When i travel, my world opens up to new experiences, new sights, sounds, tastes, climates, views, people, languages, foods, customs, etc. When i'm traveling I experience this piece of total inner calm that stays for days.

More accurately whenever i travel two things happen:

1) I am more creative
I am able to express myself in new ways. Suddenly, i can find my way around problems that have been plaguing me. I have this surging creative energy that flows around me. I remember going on a 3 week holiday to South America and having to take a hard piece of work with me. In the solace of my rented holiday apartment, i managed to finish the piece of work in half an hour. It was amazing - i was convinced that piece of work would set me back 1 of my 3 precious weeks.

New doorways open up in my head and new possibilities, new opportunities just flick in and out of my mind like little fireworks! When i return from travels i feel: a little older, a little wiser, happier, smiler, bigger and that i have something more to bring to the table. As well as more tools to face the world with.

2) My brain resets
When i travel, i am able to let go of the past. My adult angst and struggles just float away. It gives me the opportunity to reboot my whole system. Even though i may be very busy on holiday and travel can be exhausting - i am still able to reset my head. I feel calm, yet adventurous and I'm acutely reminded of the life i want to live. I think of all these little things i could do when i get back home which will improve the quality of my life. All my best plots are hatched during my travels!

When you clear the baggage in your mind - you create some space. We all know that nature abhors a vacuum, so suddenly my head gets filled with good stuff!

I have so much to thank my travels for! I do not think i'd be the same person if i'd just stayed at home. The further i go, the more i grow and i'm so grateful for what i have learned. In the book 'Eat, Pray, Love' Elizabeth Gilbert finds sanctuary, spiritual enlightenment, love and herself during a year of traveling.

Therefore, when i asked 'how far do you want to go?' - i mean both in your travels, but also in yourself, because the two are closely linked. You cannot help but grow when you travel!