Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ethical Employment: the power of teamwork!

As a teenager I worked in a small town take-away, there was a regular customer who was the head of tax for a huge international company. He was worth absolute gazillions! Yet, he was this quiet guy: small, slight, geeky. I was amazed when i found out that he was incredibly religious and spent most his weekends helping to restore his local church.

At the time, I didn't think being successful and spiritual were congruent. You either had success or god loved you. I'd always thought that success and making money was the flip slide of having a soul!

As i've got older, i remember this small, quiet, tax guy and i've tried to balance my success with my spirituality. I think that i've identified the way to be successful and high achieving, yet still feel comfortable in my own skin at the end of the day.

So the balance is - you have got to switch your mind from:

'me me me me me'
'we we we we we'

You have to let other people win! Sure you can win too and you can win with them, but as soon as you surrender your need to win/be the best/ earn the most/ get the best bonus... funny things start to happen. It's as if you level-up on some cosmic karma scale!

Letting other people win aswell means that you ditch your jealousy. You are not jealous of someone else's success because you noticed it, permitted it and encouraged it. If someone you've supported gets an achievement then surely it's your success too?! Just like a soccer game!

Letting grip of your jealousy means you feel comfortable in your own skin - you're not insecure, you don't have to badmouth or feel envy because someone else got to go in the spotlight.

Plus, by wanting everyone to win, you're suddenly 10000x more likable (even if you were likable before!) Who doesn't want to be friends with someone who is rooting for them? People respect you, people trust you and people want to be with you.

And... what happens next?! More opportunities just flood your way.

You can still keep your ego in your back pocket and cradle it whenever you're feeling blue - but giving out your love, support and encouragement to all ultimately brings abundance, wealth and opportunities to your door! You gotta love that!!!

I make a lot of money these days - but i still show up with love, support and energy for all those i encounter! Ultimately, i think this is what i get paid for!