Friday, 15 April 2011

Mediation Technique: Talk to your Intuition

Ever feel grumpy? Sad? Frustrated? Annoyed? Mopey? .... and not had a clue why?

Then i have a great meditation for you! What is great about this meditation is that you don't need to go too deeply into the 'zone' (which is always so so hard when were grumpy/sad/frustrated, etc!)

So here it is:

Setting the Scene:
Imagine yourself on a mountain somewhere. It's a hostile environment, snowing, scary and exposed to the wind! You're high up the mountain and freaked out about falling.

Imagine this scene vividly. When i do it, i can feel the snow biting on my face. I can feel the hard, smoothness of the rock i am clinging too, i can feel my stomach turning when i looked down, i can feel my lungs go sharp when i breathe in the freezing air. Plus the noise of the snow on my padded jacket.

Make the the colors, smells, sensations as real as possible.

Further into the cave
You walk a bit further, stumbling in the awful conditions, until you find a cave. The cave is sheltered and you go inside - you know you're safe now, you are totally removed from the harsh elements of the mountain. The cave is deep and has lighting. You walk through the cave, following the lighting. You are not scared at all anymore.

Make this experience as real as possible - i imagine a faint dripping sound and the slight smell of dampness of the air in the cave. I feel the uneven rocks under my mountaineering boots. I can hear the wind howling outside.

The Room
You come to a room, there is an old man/woman (whatever works for you!) inside. For me, the room is warm, bright, protected, luxurious, with a glowing warm fire, there are soft fur rugs everywhere. The old man gives me warm juices and a thick warm blanket to wrap myself in. He is so kind and caring and smiles at me with kind eyes.

I feel the softness of the blanket and my cheeks getting blushed with the heat from the fire. I can taste the warm juice he gives me.

He asks me how i am. And that's when my subconscious speaks! I respond to the question. It is 100% my response but a more mature, insightful, sensible voice than usual self - my ego has been cut out of the conversation. Me and the old guy talk a little while. Out of this conversation comes whatever has been troubling me. Usually it's not big stuff - because it's always quite obvious when something like that is worrying you. Don't try and force the voice, just wait patiently until it bubbles up. If it doesn't come straight away - keep watching the fire or just feel safe and secure in this room.

Here are some of the conclusions that i've reached using this technique:

- I'm annoyed that i keep having to put my life on hold until after a certain date
- I feel powerless about a situation
- I've failed a couple of times and i'm scared to try this thing again
- I'm apprehensive about a trip i'm about to take

Once you know what the problem is - you can soothe yourself, like you would an unsettled child. I have found this such a powerful thought tool... without having to sit in the lotus position humming 'ommmmmmm'